PGP2 officially declared open

We had quite a good start to official PGP2 duties with our first Services Marketing session today. The Prof. just exudes energy and ensures that all of us think (and think a lot at that too). His enthusiasm is quite infectious and I dunno about the rest of the gang but I personally feel that this is one course whose 20 sessions I am going to enjoy thoroughly.

His evaluation pattern includes terms like “X-Factor”, “Algorithm”, “Factor Logic” and “Forensic Marketing”. All of these loaded terms have quite simple meanings actually. But, one thing is for certain and that is the fact that this dude is out to ensure that all of us work at least quite a bit for this course. He is not going to be handing out any favors. In any case, I m gonna make sure that he doesn’t receive any and ensure that I squeeze the maximum out of him also.

Yesterday’s post on the ban of smoking in movies elicited quite a few strong responses from good friends of mine, who are concerned about the quantity of cigarettes that I actually light up on any given day. So here’s a public declaration that I am going to try and reduce the number of cigarettes a day, and if possible stop smoking completely.



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