Von Ryan’s Express anyone???

“The most daring escape ever conceived. It begins at Pescara. It spreads into high adventure as they highjack their own prison train. It shoots past Rome… Florence… Bologna… It hightails into the Majola Pass with Messerschitts in hot pursuit… and makes a final frenzied lunge for Switzerland- and freedom!”

This is the tagline for an amazing movie “Von Ryan’s Express” which I just finished watching. One of the privileges of being in PGP2 is the fact that we can fruitfully utilise the 4 hr gap between sessions to develop our worldly knowledge by watching classic movies like these.

Frank Sinatra puts in quite a memorable performance as Col. Von Ryan who endeavors to take his men to freedom. The movie by itself is nothing compared to other WWII classics such as Guns of Navarone or Where Eagles Dare but then I guess it can hold its own against other pretenders.

These movies remind me of when I was around 10 yrs old when my mom, me and another cousin of mine used to take a bus to MG Road (Bangalore), watch matinee shows of classics like these, grab an amazing triple sundae at Lakeview Ice Cream Parlor and head back home, with a Saturday afternoon well spent. Man, I miss those simple days, when VCDs, DVDs, traffic jams, long queues, advance booking at theatres, exorbitant ticket rates were unheard of. Mom, I miss those lovely outings with you.


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