PGP1, welcome home guys !!!

Life on campus just got a little more interesting. The PGP1 participants who had enrolled for the preparatory courses in Maths and Business Communication have turned up on campus and are already well into the swing of things up here on the hill.

Although I haven’t met any of them yet, they seem an interesting batch, filled with the usual quota of fun guys, introspective guys, good looking girls, et al. In any case, I was getting quite bored of interacting with my batchmates. It’s not like they are boring people, but then it’s just that I had pretty much run out of topics to discuss with them.

Being a talkative person myself, and as someone who likes to dole out ‘gyaan’ at the drop of a hat, I’m beginning to feel at home with so many people who have queries and are looking for an overdose of ‘good advice’. All in all, like I started off, life just got a little more interesting on the hill.



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