People and their (mis)perceptions

It’s quite funny how we form our perceptions about others. I dunno about the rest of you, but most of the perceptions I form about people (or rather used to form about people) were purely based either on hearsay about them, or on one-time interactions with them.

I guess I judge people too soon. By the time I finish a five minute conversation with a person, nine times out of ten, I’ve formed my first perception about the person. And this perception stays with me for quite some time unless I get some strong conclusive evidence against this.

Although such first impressions have been correct some times, they’ve also been drastically wrong at times. And it is these mistakes that set me thinking as to how I could probably improve on this attitude of mine.

Maybe I could start off by taking people at their face-value at the first shot, and give them some time to actually show off their true colors. Instead of coloring them with my perceptions, I should probably allow them to paint themselves in whatever hue they want to exhibit. Once this is done, I could then go on to analyse them better and then form an opinion about them.

Whoa, this turned out to be an extremely vague post. But then, who the hell reads this blog anyways!!!


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