Of platonic relationships and the like

Some of the recent happenings on campus have gotten me thinking quite a bit. Can a guy and a girl never ever be involved in a platonic relationship at all, or is it just that most people in this world can never relate to anything remotely platonic?

So what if a guy dances with a girl in a party, why do people have to read between the lines. I don’t understand what it is that prompts them to start wagging their tongues. In my opinion, all the dirt simply exists in the minds of these people who start these stupid rumors and light these fires.

I personally have had quite a few friends who were girls and with whom I have enjoyed absolutely beautiful relationships with. Although tongues wagged initially, people soon realised that there wasn’t anything that would budge the girls nor me either physically or psychologically. After those hurdles were crossed, my relationships with these girls reached newer heights, which probably would’ve never ever happened if not for those cheap, dirty comments that were passed, both behind my back and on my face.

I find myself in that kind of situation yet again. Only difference this time is that my own jokes and stupid wise-cracks are going to undo me. I commented upon the physical features of quite a few girls in jest, and the moment I danced with some of them at a party, all of my comments have come back to haunt me. Hopefully, I will weather this storm and probably end up being friends with these girls.

Coming back to platonic relationships, I completely fail to comprehend why people find it so hard to digest that a guy and a girl can be good friends, and just that!!! Nothing more, and nothing less. Although I have also fallen to the trap and spread rumors about quite a few ‘couples’, it is now that I feel that I might have been drastically wrong about a few of them, if not most of them. Sorry people for that error in judgement.

Apologetically and confusedly yours………….Jam


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