Some of the things that I wanna do in PGP2

The monsoons have arrived. Up on the hill that calls for some amazingly beautiful sceneries. My new room in B Block satisfies the hunger in me to stare out into the distance and get nostalgic every now and then. The added benefit of having some lovely views from my window with the wet earth is truly amazing. In fact, I kind of run out of words to describe what I feel.

I guess part of the happiness is also due to the fact that I’ve made peace with a few things that were troubling my mind in the recent past. I finally feel that I’ve found my calling and how I want to spend the rest of the 9 months on the hill. I’ve decided to do everything that I want irrespective of what anyone feels or tells.

I’m gonna make a helluva lot of friends, and maybe some of these relationships are going to last beyond my stint on the hill. I’m gonna work out this out of shape body of mine and make sure I last the planned Ladakh trip. I’m gonna read all those mind-blowing hand-outs that we regularly get as part of our course curriculum. I’m gonna go all out on those field projects that form a quintessential part of the second year curriculum. I’m gonna do a lot more things, as you will read in future posts.



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