Sea (see) change in lifestyle

PGP2 has been nothing short of shocking in terms of attending classes at wierd hours, feeling left out when people who’ve opted for other courses attend classes when I’m cooling my heels off in my room, feeling stupid when I’m sitting and slogging it out with that tricky assignment when the rest of the batch is playing Counter-Strike or something like that.

I guess all this is because of the extreme amounts of conditioning that we’ve received in PGP1 which made us all bond together. The guys who woke relatively early had the responsibility to wake all the others on the floor well before classes started. The breakfast scene at the mess was no different with people picking up extra slices of bread for the people who lagged behind and ran into class just in time to have the door shut behind them. The loos and the bathroom occupancy rates going up in a particular 15 minute window when everyone would come in there. These are a few things that I’m kind of missing in PGP2.

But then PGP2 has its own perks. One can decide to watch a movie almost anytime of the day. One can borrow and read some of the awesome books from the gigantic library up on the hill. One can decide to pursue that hobby that had been put off due to lack of time. One can do lots of creative and useful things with the time and all the infrastructure at our disposal.


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