Change of image !!!

Although I’ve been toying with the idea of converting my blog into something remotely related to marketing literature, it was Govar and his current post which prompted me to do something about it. So here goes, from today onwards there will be at least one post dedicated to the wonderful discipline of marketing, with which I shall hopefully be spending the rest of my life with.

First of all, click here to find out what Sherri Dorfman has to say about what customers really really want? She goes on to tell us that there are three very important steps that go into the product and service development process which must not be ignored at any cost. Only after discovering, defining and validating what the customer actually wants can the marketer actually think of doing anything else.

Roger Cauvin goes on to describe how to formulate marketing messages with suggestions such as portraying the product as an antidote to a problem, highlighting the strengths within the weakness, attacking the competitors’ weaknesses, etc. Click here to read the entire article.

Here’s hoping you found the above links interesting enough. See ya all tomorrow……Jam

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