Alto: Let’s go!!! —– ITC: Here I come!!!

Although it is stale news that Maruti Suzuki Alto is the largest selling car in India, I just came across an Economic Times article which stated that the Alto has been so for three months in a row now and this piqued my interest in the car itself.

Some searches threw up these results. Click here to go to the official site of the car which has product specs, photo gallery and some publicity gyaan regarding the car. Further, the company is apparently launching a new variant, the Alto LX, with Electronic Power Steering. Click here to read Automotoriz’s review of the same.

The company has also come up with a new print campaign for the car. Click here to view the print ad and read about it at

The Brand Equity supplement of Economic Times also carries an article which talks about how the biggies of the HPC (Home and Personal Care, for the uninitiated) world are waking up to the fact that the great Indian middle class has finally decided to spend some more money on their products.

The article talks about how ITC, P&G and the likes are stepping up their focus on the Indian middle class. I guess it is high time these companies realised that most (or actually all) their money comes from hawking their wares to this class. While ITC has had a successful foray in the FMCG segment with ready-to-cook pastes, biscuits, etc, this foray of the company is going to be quite new in the sense that this will be its first.

I guess it is time to wait and watch if I could be as brand loyal to these products as I was to their Wills Navy Cut and Gold Flake 😉



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