A small walk down memory lane

I didn’t quite realise that blogging had caught on so much until sometime yesterday when some of us regulars, ie, Chandoo, Govar and myself met up to formulate some guidelines for bloggers from IIM Indore. The result of this meeting, I-SAY, the bloggers’ interest club of IIM Indore. And man, does it feel good to be the newest kid on the block!!!

While the three of us were sitting there, I was taken back to around a year and two months ago when I got the call letter from IIM Indore. One of the first people that I came in contact with during those days was Govar, when he used to work for Oracle. One common problem that both of us faced was the fact that there was not enough stuff written about IIM Indore on the web, except for the official web-site, which also was relatively outdated. That was probably when both of us kind of decided that we needed to do something about that situation. Thus, Govar and my mumbo-jumbo, and Jamster’s Jams were born.

Funny though that today both these spaces have ended up being much more than what they were actually envisaged for. While Govar blogs about his opinions on diverse things such as child labor by companies like Nike to movie reviews of Hitch, I blog about stuff like mid-terms back here and platonic relationships. Amazing how things evolve.

In any case, the point is that now that we’ve given a structure to the online communication that comes out of IIM Indore, be prepared to face a plethora of information from the top of the hill.

Signing off folks……………Jam


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