New Product Development anyone???

Well people, I officially have finished 2 credits of the second year, quite successfully I might add. The course, NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT involved 10 sessions spanning only 2 days in a row. The first 4 days had 2 sessions each and the last two days with one session.

Although the course promised quite a lot in terms of its name, it turned out to be quite light in its content. Although we gained quite a bit of awareness regarding the various stages which a company has to actually follow while introducing a completely new product into the markets, there was nothing so radically new in the course. But then I guess that by now all of us have enough basic marketing knowledge that all courses are just going to add that little bit of knowledge to what we already know.

Today, my NPD groupmates and me had a marathon 4.5 hr session wherein we finished an assignment worth 55% of the course, while two days ago, it was a 3 hr marathon session for another assignment worth 35% of the course. For close to 8 hrs of work, 2 credits seems good enough a compensation.

The Prof. who incidentally is from ITESM, Mexico shared some snippets of Mexican life, the markets there, companies there, made the class more interesting with some real life cases. Plus, he also ensured that most of us enjoyed the sessions by peppering it with some incidents and anecdotes from his life. All in all, an enjoyable light course.



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