Random ramblings

Well today was probably the first day in the whole of Term 4 that I’ve actually managed to get myself awake at least an hour before the actual scheduled start of class. Actually, I have to thank Arun’s dad for wanting to speak to him at around 7.20 AM (the funda being all the calls to him come on my mobile considering that he doesn’t have a mobile phone himself).

Anyways the funda remains that today I have quite some time before classes actually begin and although I have quite a bit of pre-reading to be done before I shower and have some breakfast, I simply couldn’t resist the temptation of posting about this momentous occassion.

The truth is that I haven’t been doing too much for the past two days other than the regular stuff like writing a Consumer Behavior mid term (which I managed to screw up beautifully, courtesy a puffy right eye on the night before the exam), a Brand Management assignment (which dealt with a topic close to my heart, Brand Extensions) and the usual attending classes without doing any pre-readings.

More later……………Jam


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