Services Marketing – Instalment II

There have been very few professors during the past year, or for that matter over the course of my academic life who have actually had the effect of me actually looking forward to sitting in a class and listen to the lecture and be interested in what’s happening in class. It goes without saying that Ramkumar, our Services Marketing Prof is one of them. In fact, I would go as far to classify him as the best prof that I’ve ever had the opportunity of sitting in a lecture in.

The point in question is the extent to which this man provides food for thought. Although we were discussing quite simple concept like “Creating the service product” in class today, his peppering the class with incidents, anecdotes, as well as quoting the basic needs model of Theodore Levitt and comparing it with Shostack’s Molecular Model of services was quite good.

For the uninitiated, I have provided links above for both the above models. Click on them if you wanna know more.

Wish we had more profs like Ramkumar who actually go beyond the text books and ensure that we are kept on our toes all the time. This is one guy who makes us think and that is something that most of us have quite forgotten. We get so caught up in the rat race that B School life is that we just end up finishing up assignments, projects in a mechanical manner without applying too much thought to it. All of Ramkumar’s assignments, projects, and in fact, even his classes demand quite a bit of all of us, and I for one, absolutely enjoy that part of his course.



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