Quantitative Techniques and me

To be honest with myself and the rest of the world, I never ever thought that my limited knowledge base in Quantitative Techniques and more importantly Data Analysis would improve to an extent where I would be confident enough of actually volunteering an answer to a question in class without actually consulting with my neighbor.

But then, wonder of wonders, it did happen in class today. When the Prof asked as to how a Dendogram is not mathematically accurate, something just clicked inside of me and I put up my hand, and actually ended up giving the right answer. Who says things cannot change for the better!!!

Now, I don’t profess that this one answer makes me a Guru in Data Analysis or anything like that. It just proves that if a person takes up quite an interest in an unrelated or uncomfortable area and does some minimal amount of work on it, it could result in a situation wherein a minimum level of comfort is built up with that area.



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