Welcome home PGP 1, finally you are a part of IIM I

Finally PGP 1 was formally welcomed on the campus the way they were supposed to be. The Water Fight at 3 AM in the morning was the final part of the long drawn out induction process. Now PGP 1 is officially part of the IIM Indore family/community.

There we were participating in JAM (Jest a minute) conducted by Ashwin in his own inimitable style and with his usual panache. The event went on from around 11.15 PM till around 2.45 AM with the usual rounds of “Nya nya nya nya na na” and “Praise the mod” thrown in for good measure. After the always enjoyable session of bull-shit that JAM ends up being, all of us were asked to pose for a photograph by the Cul Com which was a sureshot entree for the water fight.

In any case, had lots of fun yesterday with both the JAM and the water fight. The rest of the gang also enjoyed the unannounced party which started at around 4 AM and went on till 6 AM.



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