Currenc-i starts off

The number of events that are being organised by all the interest clubs at IIM Indore have increased by leaps and bounds this year. Like I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, all the clubs have started functioning in a more organised, methodical and workmanlike manner.

Coming to the point, Currenc-i, which is the Economics and International Business interest club up here on the hill conducted its first event of this academic year, CROSS-BIZ. Although I would’ve loved to have made the crossword myself, I actually got to participate in it. Venkat and me missed out on quite a few sitters in the crossword, which was ultimately won by a PGP1 team.

In fact, the first two places went to PGP1 teams, which kind of reflects on how smart they are as a batch considering that they are kind of in the top three teams of most events which have been conducted so far.

In case any of you guys want me to send you a copy of the Crossword, please do mail me at and I shall be more than happy to oblige.


PS: On a different note, please click here and wish Govar a happy 24th birthday.


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