Deep dark secrets

I have always wondered how some people are able to keep secrets so well. Although there is the oft quoted Linda Goodman theory that people from a few sun signs (such as Cancer for example, courtesy Govar) whose personality type is such that they are able to keep deep dark secrets with them for a long time without even letting out an inkling that they have such secrets. And man, have I learnt from being around Govar that Cancerians are quite good at keeping secrets.

Me, being a Capricorn, or simply plain corny, am quite bad at keeping secrets. I guess part of that behavior stems from the fact that I am an only child and that makes me a prime candidate for being a very good friend. And the fact is that I make an amazing friend to most people simply b coz I don’t have too much else to do with my life, other than being a good friend.

However, the flip side of this is that most people get close to me, which invariably results in me blurting out quite a few of my secrets to them. But then, nowadays my credo in life is that my life is an open book. I don’t think I have too much to hide. In fact, if anything, maybe people will learn from my experiences, and this provides me with an incentive to share my experiences with them. If not anything, at least they might have a few laughs at my expense, and that never hurt anybody.



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