Interest clubs at IIM Indore

The sheer number of events/competitions held by the interest clubs viz, Mercur-i, Equit-i, Currenc-i, the Quiz Club and Titanium to name a few is quite astounding. So far in the one month that PGP2 has been on campus, we have already had 2 quizzes, 2 crosswords, one Ad-mark, one paper writing competition and the Next Buffet, our online stock trading simulation game.

This time around all the clubs are taking their work very seriously and are of the opinion that both the batches should be splurged with all kinds of information, and events so that they can make the most of their time on campus. Further, there is a healthy rivalry/competition between all the clubs and this can only serve to improve the quality of each of the clubs as a whole.

I guess this is a result of the fact that although the batch before us actually started off these clubs, they didn’t quite have a clear idea as to how to go about generating enough interest from the entire batch in their activities. To some extent, some of the clubs were literally groping in the dark, as regards how they wanted to go about promoting their respective areas of specialisation. Our batch, having learnt from previous years’ experiences, and filled with loads of enthusiasm, have gone a step further, professionalised the functioning of the clubs to a large extent, and are ensuring that each club carves out a special niche for itself.

Here’s hoping for more activities during the next 7 odd months that I am going to be here, on top of this glorious old hill.



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