Movie review

What do you get when you put a wafer thin story line, a model of foreign origin, three brothers with well built bodies who hog the screen (thankfully, one of whom is on screen only for a very small time), songs in some amazing locales, an ageing beauty-queen-turned-actress, a first timer in a Punjabi mother’s role and a director who’s known for his non-sense style of film making??

Well, if the above paragraph did not give you any clues, I cannot blame you folks simply b coz of the fact that the movie I am talking about is going to bomb at the box office and sink without a trace within the first week itself. The movie that I am talking about is MAINE PYAAR KYUN KIYA.

Actually in my opinion the movie could have been called MAINE PICTURE KYUN BANAYA which would have been the most apt title for the movie, given that there is absolutely nothing in the movie worth writing home about.

Now that I’ve abused the movie so much and gone to the extent that I feel that it doesn’t deserve any kind of mention, there has to be a rationale that I am actually posting about it. Well, the funda is that being a socially responsible citizen of India that I am, I feel that it is my duty to inform the rest of India that please for heavens’ sake, don’t even venture 100 meters near the cineman hall that this movie happens to be running in. If you do, it’ll be at grave risk to your sensibilities, of whatever kind.

The only reason that we, ie, Govar, Nirmal, Kiran and me got stuck watching this movie is that the tickets for DUS ran out and we reached Velocity, the only multi-plex at Indore at an odd time when no other movie was screened. In any case, if one has the ability to temporarily suspend all his sensibilities, beliefs, common sense, ability to think straight, I am sure the movie would do something to you. I dunno what, but I am sure it’ll have some effect on you.


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