Job well done

I have that nice warm feeling all over me of a job well done. Well THE MONEY PUZZLE conducted by EQUIT-I is offically over and both batches received it pretty well. Surprisingly quite a few teams scored over 22 out of 40 which was quite higher than what I had expected teams to score. I guess the idea of putting in one PGP1 and one PGP2 participant in each team paid off.

There were the usual glitches of a few teams finding the crossword very tough, and a few other finding it a little too easy, but then considering the fact that none of the teams managed an all correct entry, I guess it was just about right.

The top score was 34 by a team which most people on campus would consider ‘rank outsiders’, but then that is the beauty of competitions like these. They make heroes out of mere mortals.

Another thing that I m looking forward to tonight are the finals of the AD-MARK competition conducted by MERCUR-I. Should be awesome fun. There’ll probably be another post on that tonite before I go to sleep.

Have fun folks……….Jam

PS: If you want to solve THE MONEY PUZZLE, shoot a mail to and you shall get a soft copy of the same.

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