Draconian laws and their origins

Well, since I’ve been hearing the word “draconian” being used quite often, I thought I would look up the origins of the word and here are some of the preliminary findings of my efforts.

First of all, draconian is based on some stupid scribe who took the pains of codifying all the stupid gargantuan and ridiculous laws of ancient Athens. I mean, come on Athens was and still is a stupid region which is bound my Mouth Aegaleo on the west, Mount Parnitha on the north, Mount Penteli to the northeast, Mount Hymettus on the east and the Sarconic Gulf on the south-west. I guess all these stupid laws are a result of all the sea wind from the Gulf blowing into the region, hitting these mountains and promptly bouncing back to the city. The salty atmosphere must have been the main reason that Greeks, or more specifically Athenians started the system of sitting out in the open, on the steps of those glorious monuments (the Zappion, the Acropolis) and discuss vague stuff like democracy, world conquests, Zeus and his affairs and the like.

It has been scientifically proven that the geomorphology of Athens frequently causes the temperature inversion phenomena which is also partly responsible for its air pollution problem. This is another reason that the laws framed by the ancient Athenians were so wierd. Coming to think about it, anything in the world with a name like “temperature inversion phenomena” cannot mean anything good by any standards. This explains most of the oddities of Athenian culture.

Anyways getting back to good ol’ Draco and his laws. All the poor guy did was only to codify Athenian law, and not actually create them, as he is credited with in English language. The right term to be used to describe stupid laws should be “Athenian” rather than “Draconian”. I guess it is time to move a motion at the International Court of Justice or the United Nations or some such renowned world body to correct this gross injustice meted out to Draco.

I am quite sure that by now the descendants of Draco have been meted out such unjust treatment by the Athenians and in general the whole world that they probably are living in some back alley of Athens, robbing innocent way-farers to make do for their daily bread. And all this simply because someone who had to come up with a fancy word for wierd laws comes up with “Draconian”.


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