Quizzical situation

At times I wonder if too much has changed over the past three odd months or so. I remember the good ol’ days of PGP1 when I invariably used to end up in the finals of all the quizzes conducted by the Quiz Club. However, things are looking drastically different this year.

The Quiz Club has conducted two quizzes this year, Gyaan by Ashwin and Howzatt, the Cricket Quiz by Kapil and in both the quizzes I have missed being in the finals by the proverbial whisker, ie, one point in these cases. But the funnier part is that I seem to enjoy organising these things more in the second year. I guess part of it is because of the fact that PGP1 has arrived on campus and some part of me wants to ensure that these guys have a fun, gala time during these events and I wanna make sure these guys enjoy the whole experience of their stay here.

Maybe that explains why I am so gung-ho about making crosswords for the interest clubs (Mercur-i with CROSS BRANDS and Equiti with THE MONEY PUZZLE), plus I’ve got a quiz lined up for Mercur-i which will be conducted as a stand-alone event early next term, maybe sometime mid-August. I absolutely love being in charge of an event right from the conception, to the execution part of it. Maybe it is time that the quizmaster in me came alive and showed the world my true stripes.



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