Up, up and away

Well, what can I say, getting up at 6.45 AM in the morning after having slept at 3 AM is not my idea of an ideal sleep or an ideal morning. But then today was one such day.

We were supposed to have an official batch photograph scheduled at 7 AM for various purposes including the placement brochure. But then fate or actually Mother Nature decided to intervene. The photo shoot has been indefinitely postponed due to the vagaries of nature (read heavy rains). The enthu cutlet that I am didn’t bother to check my mobile phone or my mailbox before I took the shower at 6.50 AM where Placom had sent an apologetic mail stating that the ‘event’ is not happening today.

Since I had showered and was all but ready to run down to Acad Block where it was supposed to happen, I couldn’t obviously hit the sack and therefore here I am sitting in front of my comp typing this out.

It feels good to be up and about at this time of the day. I don’t remember the last time I did this on campus. Although I have been awake till around 5 AM on some days doing some arbit assignment or project, I don’t think I have been up at around this time otherwise. In any case, the whole feel is quite awesome, what with the lovely view outside my window of the rain soaked campus and the amazing rays of the sun pouring in through. Awesome to say the least. Thank God for the small pleasures of life.

Got a relatively lighter day today, with classes beginning at 8.30 AM, a 5 hr break, and two more classes beginning at 2 PM and going on till 5 PM.



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