Fun, fun and more fun

Well, it’s been a crazy day so far to say the least. Get up in the morning at around 6.30 AM, rush around like a dog whose tail is on fire, catch a quick shower, dress up in all formals including a tie and a blazer, rush over to the Acad Block all the way up the hill, give a fake smile and pose for the batch photograph.

As if all this wasn’t enough one of my batchies asks Govar for a favor and pose in some casual clothes, to get a natural feel of life on campus. Me being the enthu cutlet that I am tag along with Govar wearing a white round neck T shirt and light blue jeans. There we were four of us wearing just jeans and tees, having a casual conversation when the photographer without any warning starts shooting us from all possible angles. This goes on for 5 mins, and before we actually become very conscious of what’s happening, he ends the session. Quite interesting photography I must say.

Attend one class in the morning, crash out in my room for a good 2 hrs, catch lunch, the second half of American Beauty (an amazing movie by the way), attend another class, go out with Govar for a haircut, catch a Tamil movie Aalavandhan (a Kamal Haasan classic, which unfortunately bombed big time at the box office), sit and type out this blog, and hopefully crash out in 5 mins.

The fact that the past two days have brought about only around 7 hrs of sleep is what makes this day wierd. Oops, forgot to mention yesterday’s whirlwind party which was organised by CulCom to accommodate the photographer who wanted some snaps of the party scene up here on the hill. We partied long and hard into the night and well into the wee hours of the morning. Me being sober is not helping things simply coz I can feel the strain of dancing 4 long hrs when I get up the next morning, especially when the sleep lasts only 2.5 hrs like last night. In any case, am having loads of fun in second year. Bad thing is that in another 7 odd months from now, I dunno if I can have so much fun anymore.



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