Matka Phod – IIM Indore style

I m sure Lord Krishna would never have had so many enthusiastic friends helping him to steal all that tasty curd and butter from the earthen pot.

I m referring to the MATKA PHOD competition that was held as part of IIM Indore’s premature Janmashtami celebrations last night. CulCom as usual rocks when it comes to organising pujas and related competitions of all the religious festivals of note. Today being Janmashtami, we had the usual puja of Lord Krishna and all the volunteers/competitors armed with the blessings of the lord gathered at the intersection of B Block and D Block (near the parking lot) where CulCom had strung up two ropes with earthen pots full of curd suspended around 20 odd feet from the ground. The concept itself is quite simple really. A human pyramid is formed with the single intention to shatter the pot to get to the curd and butter which is kept inside, a-la, the naughty young Krishna who used to love stealing curds and butter.

My batch, ie, PGP2 had quite a clear idea as to what needed to be done and how it had to be done, considering that we had floundered quite a bit last year. But PGP1 had probably just seen this event happening back home at Mumbai or somewhere on TV, but they weren’t short of enthu for this amazing exercise. The rest, as the saying goes, is history. What transpired is that while both sections of PGP1 were fumbling around trying to get a stable human pyramid in place, our guys from PGP2 just walked in, formed a pyramid, and even before the base could stabilise, shattered the earthen pot, in a matter of two odd minutes. PGP1 was just left looking at the sheer speed and perfection in the execution.

As if that wasn’t enough, after giving the PGP1 guys 4 or 5 more unsuccessful attempts at the pots, the PGP2 crew went below the PGP1 pots, formed the pyramid in ultra-quick time and shattered that one also. Now CulCom was in a quandry as to how to get PGP1 actually involved in the event, considering that they sucked at it big time. In any case, another pot was strung up and finally after a lot of screaming, floundering around in the wet mud, being dunked with endless buckets of water from above, collapsing ‘n’ number of times, the PGP1 human pyramid finally succeeded in shattering one pot. Full points for their enthusiasm and efforts though.

Jai Shri Krishna………….Jam

PS: Will try to upload some pix of this wonderful event sometime today.


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