Book review – The Blue Horizon

Finished reading THE BLUE HORIZON by WILBUR SMITH and here is my take on the book. The book itself deals with the adventures of Jim Courtney and Mansur Courtney, cousins and sons of Tom Courtney and Dorian Courtney (the chief characters of WILBUR SMITH’S MONSOON).

The story begins with how Jim saves Louisa from the clutches of her Dutch captors and flees off deep into hitherto unexplored Africa in an attempt to carve out a new life of his own. The story goes into great detail of all the sights, sounds and experiences of Jim and Louisa. Parallelly, the adventures of Mansur and Dorian in Oman are also detailed.

An amazing tale of love, hatred, travel, adventure. All in all a must read, if not for anything, for Smith’s wonderful style of narration which makes the book an un-put-downable one. He has this wonderful knack of describing the landscape and the surroundings in such great detail that one actually gets transported to the scene itself in one’s mind. Plus Smith’s love for the amazing continent of Africa is so well documented that it warrants no certification from me.



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