Omkareshwar – the bike ride

Here goes my account of my trip to Omkareshwar which was undertaken yesterday. Circa, September 4, 2005, 5.30 AM when I am rudely shaken awake by Arun with whom I had decided that we would leave campus by 5.00 AM. So there we were 45 mins beyond stipulated departure time, with Pradeep and Spondan making up the Fatal Four for this particular trip with one Bajaj Discover DTSi and one Hero Honda Splendor.

Everything was fine, the weather, the sceneries, the bike ride till around 7 AM when the Discover rear tyre decided that it had enough of being a decent companion on the road and punctures. 20 seconds into parking the bike, the weather gods decide to intervene and the region around Indore sees its first rains for 20 odd days. Lucky us to have experienced the lovely rains first-hand. 45 mins later, totally drenched, we trekked the 400 odd metres to the closest puncture shop, get the tyre fixed and we were off on our way again.

Reached Omkareshwar itself around an hour and a half later, with a brief 15 min respite for some hot piping poha at a roadside joint. There was the river Narmada beckoning us to jump in and join in the fun and festivities with the 20 odd people who were taking a dip there. While Arun and Spondy couldn’t resist the temptation of taking the plunge in the holy river, Pradeep and me gave it a skip for reasons best known to each other. In any case, after the holy dip, we went to the temple itself, which took another half an hour odd of our time.

On the way back, the rains had ensured that the route was more scenic than it was a few hours ago. This made for a few good photos, which by the way, I have uploaded onto

Nothing special on the way back except for the fact that now the Splendor decided to act up and guzzle up all the fuel that we had filled her with. Result, we add some adulterated fuel which we bought from a Dhaba, of all the places. Now the Splendor didn’t appreciate this mistreatmenat of her fuel filters and decided that enough was enough and stopped responding to the vagaries of the adulterated fuel. But since we were close to a regular petrol pump, that issue was quickly sorted out.

All in all a nice trip, except for the few small glitches. But then, I guess those glitches were what made the trip quite memorable.



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