Quite a crazy day

Well, today has been an interesting day to say the least. We (my work group for the Society, Business Management course) began our day quite early with 7 of us assembling at 8.45 AM to leave for an Anganwadi (which is vernacular for a NGO cum Self Help Group which is engaged in the upliftment of the urban under privileged). Due to the lack of transportation and more importantly someone who could ride a bike, 6 of us left the campus at around 9 AM and reached the place at around 9.20.

What followed was quite an eye-opener at least in terms of what the Govt of India and these Self Help Groups are engaged in. We visited two slums and learnt that both these agencies along with support from various other NGOs and private agencies are doing their bit for the upliftment of the urban poor of Indore.

Post the visit, we had lunch (Mexican food at that!!!) at Cafe Indigo which is the restaurant of the Hotel Infiniti at the other end of town. Quite an awesome lunch, considering that it has been close to two years since I had any Mexican food.

The ride after that was quite exhilirating, what with Govar and Dandu managing to push the bikes as close to the 100 km/h mark as possible. At one particular spot on the Khandwa bypass, which is our speed testing track, there was rain for around 250 odd metres on the road, with complete dry patches before and after that wet patch. Wierd experience that.

In any case, have just finished watching SPIRIT, STALLION OF THE CIMMARON, and found the movie quite awesome, to say the least.



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