A typical evening – Bangalore style

Well, I’ve been meaning to post about something so inherently Bangalorean and so personal that probably no one else can possibly relate to it, and hence this post.

You know what my idea of an ideal evening would be. At around 4.30 PM Ganesh (my neighbor of around 18 yrs now, we practically grew up together) comes to my gate and hollers my name with his gruff manly voice. I put on my jacket, as it is mildly drizzling Bangalore style and tell my mom that I m off to ‘Chetan Kadai’ which is part Malayalam and part Tamil to say that I m off to ‘Big Brother’s Shop’ which is the name that Ganesh and me have coined for the Malayalee bakery which is around half a km away from our houses.

Anyways, 5 mins later, both of us are outside Paddy’s gate hollering his name out. He’s been with us for close to 8 odd yrs and is the closest that Ganesh and me have to a kid brother (considering that both of us are only sons of our parents). Paddy comes out wearing his West Indian long chaddies (shorts which come down till his knees and beyond at times).

The three of us reach Chetan Kadai in another 5 mins time, complete the usual pleasantries with Cheta (whose real name is Ibrahim, by the way), order our Sulaimanis (now this is one drink which I would literally kill for, basically black tea with lime and sugar in it, quite awesome, to say the least). Additionally, Ganesh and me would light up either two Gold Flakes, or he would light up a Classic Regular while I would settle for a Gold Flake.

While we wait for our Sulaimanis, we would typically start off discussing any arbit topic such as Ganguly’s batting, Amitabh’s ranting, Shah Rukh’s panting, or maybe even the girl who lives next door to Paddy. All the while, we would make earnest attempts to try and pull each other’s legs big time. All in all good fun.

The smokes, Sulaimani coupled with some bun omelettes (self explanatory name, I m sure), the light drizzle, the sunset, the walk, the talks, all of these add up to make this an awesome evening.

The evening, which by now has become early night-time would typically end with the three of us sitting outside Paddy’s gate gaping at the hot women of Sanjaynagar and NTI layout walk past us giving us furtive (hopefully curious) gazes, while we would critically analyse what most guys analyse in gals.

Man, I miss those evenings. Ganesh, Paddy, are you listening guys? Can’t wait for one more of those evenings.



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