Current happenings at IIM Indore

Well, quite a few things have happened on campus since the last update. Let me list them out one by one for you


As usual the annual Retro party happened one of these Saturdays. Participants from both the batches came out in full colors, both literally and figuratively. Two enthu cutlets from PGP1 came dressed up as Laurel and Hardy, with the works, the black suits, top hats, small moustache, stupid walks and all. The usual bunch of rowdies, cut throat goons, lungi clad South Indians made up the the motley party that was Retro 2005. We even had a 9 yr old school boy look, with the bag, water bottle, and the lollipop in the mouth. Yours truly tried reliving flower power days with a 40 day old beard/stubble, pink short shirt, unbuttoned. Quite some fun that party. I guess they should re-christen it as the COSTUME BALL or something like that.


Uddu was at his kick-ass best with this particular quiz. Now this quiz according to me is a true test of the quizzing mettle of individuals. However, considering that Uddu was the quiz master, it was more of a test of English literature, paintings, and fine arts. In any case, Parvez turned up tops in the quiz. Yours truly missed out on 3rd place by a whisker, but in any case, getting into the finals after that colossal prelims round was an achievement of sorts.


PT, of Professional Tutorials fame came on campus to conduct the prelims of an all Indore quiz. Quite a good quiz which covered topics ranging from Geography, Sports to Current Affairs. Yours truly teamed up with Venky, goofed up the usual quota of questions and didn’t make it to the Quarter Finals, for which one PGP2 team and 3 PGP1 teams qualified. Quarters were held today and God willing some of these teams will make it through to the finals and actually win the quiz itself.


It is that time of the year when most B Schools across the country gear up for the Management fests. MDI, NITIE, MICA are some of the schools whose fests have actually begun. IIM Indore rocks when it comes to participating and winning prizes in these fests. As usual in the Livestock game conducted by IIM A, 6 teams from up the hill have qualified to the next stage. From the looks of it, we have a good chance of cracking this event.


Congratulations…… all you’ll get if you come in second. This is the line with which Ashwamedha – The Business Leadership game of IRIS 2005 has been advertised. Registrations for the event have begun as of Sep 22. More details of the event are available here.



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