Equity – of efforts

Why is it that all of us want the best the world has to offer us, while we ourselves are content with providing our mediocreofferings to the world at large.

Case in question, we crib about the quality of the faculty, the way he teaches, the things he teaches, the way he hands out surprise quizzes, the way he evaluates our presentations, the way he comes up with trick questions in quizzes/exams, the way he grades our performances in end-terms, etc, this list is endless.

But then, when it comes to putting in our efforts, we wait till the last minute to finish our presentations, we try and push submissions and get them postponed, put in half-baked efforts in our presentations/reports, do an amazing job of copying and pasting from web sites from Google Search Results, walk into class late, and promptly drop off to sleep when the Prof initiates a discussion in class, talk about any arbitrary topic in class under the guise of Class Participation, blatantly use mobile phones when the class is on, walk out of class whenever we feel like it, bunk classes at random for no rhyme or reason.

The point is that either we should do all of these things mentioned and shut the f*** up about how the faculty is not doing his job, coz the way I see it, we as students are not doing our jobs right anyways. Or alternatively, we could all do our jobs as students right, and then start cribbing about how the faculty runs the course.

Of course, both of these don’t seem to be happening anytime soon, and I shall therefore, continue to rave and rant about this for sometime to come.



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