Dusshera – Day II

The celebrations of Dusshera continue on the hill that is IIM Indore. CulCom tonight, organised RANGOLI and LAGORI as part of the ongoing Dusshera festival. Here goes a brief description of both these events.

The area in front of the mess was cleared of the book racks. Teams were allotted 4X4 ft of space within which they were asked to display their creativity with whites and colors. As usual Dandu and team rocked the boat. However, this year, some PGP1 teams also came up with some good competition.

Then the action shifted to the Basketball court where the LAGORI competition was set up. Seven stones, one tennis ball, two umpires, some ten odd enthusiastic teams of 6 members each and a helluva lot of supporters for all the players. This made for an interesting Lagori contest. Surprisingly, only one woman player turned up, and boy, did she kick some mean a**. In any case, the entire event was quite enjoyable and is actually going on as I m sitting here and typing this.

All I can say right now is CULCOM ROCKS!!!



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