It’s time to get ‘Euphoric’ back here at IIM Indore

Why they are called what they are called, nobody knows, not even the band members themselves. They chose EUPHORIA simply b coz the word itself was as good as any other. No deep thought process went into the choice of this profound word as the name. No drinking sessions, no sitting in a roomful of smoke (ganja or regular nicotine), no burning of midnight oil, no brand consultant, no band manager tearing his hair for an unique saleable name, just pure inspiration (or maybe even boredom). Here goes a small account of their journey from the beginning till the time they reach atop the hill.

After a few jam sessions, their journey began at the AIFACS Auditorium on Aug 10, 1989. Printing and distributing their own posters and hawking their tickets for Rs 20 apiece, Polly (Palash) and the rest of their band began their ‘pro’ career in front an audience, and their initial playlist included one original number ‘eat you up alive’. Cut to June 93. Their first big break when they open for none other than APACHE INDIAN (wonder where this reggae dood is, he was good for a while). By now they have 12 original compositions in their kitty.

1994, their first Indian number, SHA NA NA NA, is composed and recorded and finally the band is in the process of finding its true identity. This is a result of their realisation that English bands in India are not gonna sell for peanuts.

1995, a mini break up of the original band that was Euphoria. However, the remaining members still continue to have their regular jam sessions with whatever instruments and enthusiasm is left with them.

1996, the press notices the band and Ashish Mullick of the TOI is kind enough to write a nice article about the band and their fetish for playing lotsa original compositions in their gigs. The band gets noticed. By now, they are regularly playing gigs in and around the NCR region at various colleges, rock fests, etc.

1998, their first big break arrives with a bang when Archies Music signs them on and asks them to record their first album in record time. The result is DHOOM PICHUK with a cameo performance by none other than Shubha Mudgal. History, as they say, was made with this album. The first video DHOOM PICHUK was released on television sometime mid September and overnight EUPHORIA becomes a household name. People all over India now recognise Polly and the band.

1999, the band releases its second album PHIR DHOOM with numbers like MAEERI, and ten other original compositions. 2001, by now EUPHORIA is well entrenched in the minds of all Indians as probably the best Indi-pop band ever. The release of their third album GULLY and the fourth one, MANTRA concretises this fact and now the band is a crowd puller in all cities and towns of the country. The names literally brings out ‘euphoric’ emotions in people.

If you are someone who’s actually been at an Euphoria, you know what I mean when I say Polly and the band simply exude energy on the stage. Apart from the fact that all their numbers are catchy and the lyrics outstanding, the oodles of enthusiasm shown by all the members on stage is infectious, and the audience cannot help but stand there and sing along with Polly and the band on all their numbers.

The band today consists of Polly, DJ, Garry, Benny and Rikki and each one of them has their own unique contribution to the entire phenomenon that is Euphoria today. They descend on the hill that is IIM Indore on November 13th as the closing act of IRIS, our annual management festival. So be there, or as the saying goes, be square.


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