Watch what you wish for …

So you wanted to get into a premier B School of the country, you wanted to associate yourself with the coveted IIM tag for life. You put in endless hours of coaching classes, both for the written CAT, as well as grooming and preparing yourself for the Group Discussions and the Personal Interviews. Yes, you had fun when you were doing them, but then you were single minded in your focus in getting into the hallowed portals of one of the six IIMs. Now that you are in one of those, what suddenly changed.

You knew perfectly well that life at the IIMs involved 24 hr working days with almost every night being a sleepless one, with lots of pre-reading and post-reading to be done for every session, tons of paperwork in terms of preparing and submitting written assignments, lots of heartache in terms of not having time to speak to near and dear ones, a shit load of work in terms of going out there on the field and doing market surveys, all this in addition to the extra curriculars which anyways are going to take up a helluva lot of your time. You signed up for the grind, remember.

No one promised you that life was going to be easy, no one told you that the IIMs were a cakewalk, no one told you that it was only a bed of roses sans the thorns. Then, why in heaven’s name do you crib? Why do you sit across the dinner table at the mess and tell things like, there’s so much work and so little time to do it? Why oh why, are you hell bent on cribbing so much that others start wondering whether they work any lesser than you do?

Like the saying goes, “watch what you wish for, it might just come true!”



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