When’ll we stop cribbing? How good is ‘good enough’?

I find the above question quite inane in terms of the well known fact that there is never an adequate enough ‘enough’ for any of us in what we desire. In all probability there is some bit of me also for whom there is never enough of the things that I desire, I lust for and desperately want.

Around this time last year, our auditorium back here at the hill that is IIM Indore was in a ‘bare bones‘ state, ie, just the auditorium, with an elevated platform for a stage. In fact, for any event, the plastic chairs had to be pre-arranged and people would jostle to the sides of the audi to get within the range of the fans that were fixed to the walls. Now, according to me, this was a situation which warranted some cribbing on the part of all of us, in terms of the fact that here was a world class institution with state-of-the-art infrastructure which sorely lacked a decent place to host our guest lectures, seminars, etc.

But this year, the situation is diametrically opposite. The whole audi is centrally air-conditioned, which ensures that the audience doesn’t have to scurry to the sides in order to stay fresh throughout the duration of the programme. The audi is also equipped with the best overhead projector that an institute of our cadre can afford.

But then hey, how come we never stop complaining. I just heard someone say that now there ain’t not enough leg space and that the chairs are too narrow to accommodate his ample posterior. Hello, wake up and smell the grass my friend! This is precisely what I meant when I asked, how much would we want before we say enough? I mean, the audi, according to me, is as good as it can ever be, and we still find reasons to crib about the place.

This makes me wonder how greedy we humans, as a race can get. Or, is it a purely Indian or individual phenomenon. I wonder if men (or women) for that matter are always this greedy and keep wanting for more. Is it ingrained in us to crib about things, no matter how good/excellent they actually are. Have we forgotten how to appreciate the good things of life. Why is it that we pretend to have seen better things in life, when the truth of the matter is that this probably is the best that we’ll ever see (for free, that is).



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