SBI Iris 2005 is here!!!

Well, it’s that time of the year when the hill comes alive in all its glory. Yes, I’m referring to SBI IRIS 2005 which descends on the campus in approximately 11.5 hrs from now. This year, IRIS is bigger, better and more extravagant than it has ever been in its short history of 6 yrs.

After having spent endless nights on designing events, coding for them, conducting online prelims for countless events (Ashwamedha, Storewars, Ad-apt, Exquizzit, Marksman, Entrepid, Insuris, Cerebrate, Papyrus, the list goes on and on), getting eminent personalities for the panel discussion, to judge finals of all of the above events, the events co-ordinator can probably look forward to the best IRIS ever in terms of participation across B-Schools, which is probablly going to be reflected by the sheer quality of the teams arriving on campus a few hours from now.

At the back-end, the sponsorship team has done their best in arm-twisting some of the biggest corporates in India (SBI, Maruti, ONGC, CSC, Glenmark, L&T, Pepsi, GATI,, et al) and wringing out a substantial amount of money out of them. And lo and behold, we have events with prize money which had never been envisaged by the events team. In fact, the money for some events are so high that the events co-ordinator had more than a few heart attacks when he heard the final numbers!

Quietly on the sidelines, the creative team, which includes In-form the 14 member strong team, which was in charge of designing, maintaining, uploading, downloading and any other stuff that included the website of IRIS, was busy getting the site up and running for all the online events which went off without a hitch. This year around, i-Rising, the online curtain raiser to IRIS also succeeded in raising a few eyebrows with kLueLess, an innovative puzzle game, apart from the usual quizzes and crosswords. Another notable addition to i-Rising this year was Bloggers’ Park, a contest for anyone and everyone who blogs. Yours truly has also submitted his entry for the topic “Blogging and viral marketing”.

These people apart, there was the painting team which was putting its heart, soul and a lot more into the design and preparation of the amazing mural that adorns the wall of D-Block right now. The theme of IRIS 2005, which is the integration of the five basic elements of Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Spirit, has been beautifully depicted on the mural. The team literally spent the last 4 days and nights without taking any breaks to finish up this piece of art. Am sure it is going to be the cynosure of all participants’ eyes for the next few days.

More on SBI IRIS 2005 as it unfolds over the next 4 days.

Signing out for now………..Jam


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