Matrix Reloaded – the update

Every quiz I conduct back here at IIM Indore is a labor of love, which is carefully nurtured from the time I conceptualise it in conjunction with the relevant club secretary, viz, Govar for Infinit-i, Krishnan for Mercur-i, Nayyar for Currenc-i, Dandu for SportsCom, etc.

As the title sez, THE MATRIX RELOADED arrived, it saw quite a decent response considering the fact that most people associate Infinit-i with hardcore techie stuff, some of the usual suspects made it to the finals, such as Ashwin, Uddu, Amit Sharma and Arvind Raju, some of the usual quizzing audience such as Anoop and Sandhya also made it into the finals, we also had Amit Singh, Ankit Jain (both techies), Hillu and Sachar, as well as Wayne and Shameelo there.

All in all, a decent quiz, not without the (un)usual hiccups, with Nirmal screwing up the scoring all over the place, in both the prelims and the finals. Actually, it turned out to be the most funny part of the quiz.

Net result, all finalists, the club secy and the quizmaster, all went home happy.



2 thoughts on “Matrix Reloaded – the update

  1. Hey there Jammy,Good to see that you’re still hitting my blog often. Yes, prizes were given. Ashwin and Uddu in 1st place, God knows who won 2nd place, Amit Singh and Ankit Jain in 3rd place.Cheers……….Jam

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