Brand design workshop

Team Mercur-i, please take a bow. Of all the special events that have been organised on campus, the one that I loved the most this year was the BRAND DESIGN WORKSHOP organised by Mercur-i this past Sunday.

We had Ms Ashwini Deshpande from Elephant Designs, Pune with us on campus and she conducted a 4 hr workshop on various aspects of Visual Product Design with us.

An amazingly interactive workshop coupled with some ideas as to how to improve our visualisation skills and some slides on a few of Elephant’s previous work made for an interesting afternoon well spent.


2 thoughts on “Brand design workshop

  1. Hey there Jammy,Only info that I can give for people who were unlucky enough not to have attended the workshop is that there is more to Brand Design than what we’ve learnt in our textbooks and classrooms.In fact, the entire premise of the workshop was the fact that as B School students we concentrate more on putting into words what the brand identity, brand image, brand perception of various brands are, and this workshop was about visualising brands more in terms of what hits the eys first, the visuals!!!Cheers…………Jam

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