The past 3 days, ie, Tue, Wed and Thu have gone past in a blurry haze. What with 2 sessions of B2B marketing and one session of ASPM each, with one session of IM thrown in for good measure.

The funda behind the blurry haze being the fact that the B2B prof expects us to read the entire case thoroughly, take a stand and prepare sufficiently well for the class. While all this is not too much of an issue, in PGP2, I have fallen into this dirty habit of having almost stopped preparing for classes of any sort. And this prof has this habit of picking up people at random and quizzing them about the case in general. Now, all of this calls for trouble.

Yesterday night, the problems were compounded by the fact that my group was supposed to make the case presentation for today. A marathon 8 hr session, 4 individually and 4 in the group ensured that the whole of today went by very hazily. In any case, the entire class and more importantly, the Prof seemed to appreciate the efforts put into stripping the case threadbare and presenting it in class.

Got 3 more days of similar hell to go. Hopefully, next week won’t be so hectic. For sure, next term won’t be so hectic.



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