More whooosh!!!

The next 3 days, ie, after the previous post have been no less hectic in terms of classes, pre readings, presentation, assignments, and the works.

Two courses are done, viz, Corporate Banking, and B2B marketing. Both the profs were quite amazing, very different in their approaches to addressing the classes, but very effective nevertheless. Both of them brought valuable industry experiences to the class and ensured that we made the most of their glories and victories while learning from their pitfalls and mistakes.

Got a week to go in which 4 exams are scheduled. 2 of these, I have absolutely no idea about (Sales and Distribution Management and BPR/ERP) while the other 2 seem decent enough (Advg and sales promo and Corp Banking). Whoa, hold on, there’s Intl Mktg also, which is quite OK. I guess that makes it 5 exams in the next 5 days. After that, it’s home sweet home (with a lil Hyderabad trip thrown in for good measure).



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