UtsAha! 2006 is here

Well, it’s that time of the year when IIM Indore comes together to celebrate UtsAha. And UtsAha 2006, if initial numbers are anything to go by, is gonna be one helluva of event, kicking the living daylights out of any other event that this old city of Indore has ever seen.

For the uninitiated, UtsAha is the annual marketing fair of IIM Indore primarily conducted with the aim of carrying out market research projects for paid clients. However, the projects are disguised in a manner such that the respondents do not realise that they are being surveyed. The research is carried out in the form of games, exercises, which carry prizes to all the participants, which manage to attract huge crowds.

The official lines used to describe UtsAha are “UtsAha! goes beyond the monotony of conventional market research. It uses a carnival milieu to conduct consumer market research. The underlying concept involves designing games and events that surrogate actual research questions. This elicits unbiased and accurate responses from the customers regarding their preferences & perceptions.”

In any case, just to reiterate the scale of the event, here goes a sample of the media plan, as envisaged by good ol’ Govar who is in charge of the UtsAha Media Team –

3000 posters around the city
1000 banners on arterial roads and other prominent locations
10 Large size hoardings
40 Radio Spots (5 today and on 8th Jan, 15 on 6th and 7th Jan)
A branded truck (Float) moving around the city creating awareness
Air Balloon on Shastri bridge, MG Road
Advertisements and articles in City Bhaskar and other print medium
Internet adverstisements
SMS ads
Hundreds of in-venue banners, T-shirts, Arches and much more.

Need I say more, the numbers seem to speak for themselves. As Team UtsAha 2006 would put it, “Macha Denge”.


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