Living out of a suitcase

As the title sez, I’ve practically lived out a suitcase 1/3rd of this month. First it was Nihilanth, the annual inter IIT-IIM quiz festival, which was being hosted by IIM Calcutta this year. Although the festival itself didn’t bring too much joy to either me or my team of quizzards, we thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Calcutta. Considering that for most of us it was the first time in that glorious ol’ city, it was quite an experience. What with the trams, the metro, the Victorian style buildings, the Howrah Bridge, the Victoria Memorial, the rossogollas, the whole experience was quite amazing. Calcutta is a prime example of how the old remnants of the British Raj can co-exist in harmony with the modern liberalised India.

The second trip was to Agra. And if you people read the post directly below this one, you would agree with me when I say this was one memorable trip for more reasons than one. Again the sights and sounds that Agra has to offer are quite unique in the sense that while the rest of the city is quite regular (and dirty), it is completely offset by the angelic settings that the ageless wonder, the Taj Mahal is set in.

All in all, it’s been quite a hectic beginning to the year 2006. But then, yeh dil maange more!



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