The good food guide

At first sight it looks like a nondescript hole-in-the-wall and when you walk into the place, you are anything but tempted to sit down and start eating. But then, once the food arrives and you put in the first few morsels into your mouth, you realise you’ve arrived at a place which is more than just going to fill your stomach. Now, that is the Kerala Mess at Mhow for you.

When the guys spoke highly of the dosas, parathas (South Indian style), the beef curry, and the amazing chicken curry at the mess a few days ago, I took it with a pinch of salt. After all, guys who’ve had food served at the mess for close to 2 years now would probably find any kind of different food tasty and good. But today’s visit to the Kerala Mess changed all that. For once, the guys were bang-on and probably more.

What started off as just a round of 3 parathas moved on to a few dosas, and a few more parathas. All the while, the beef and the chicken were going in good quantities on the side.

All in all an amazing culinary experience. Man, I wish I could go there tomorrow mornings as well. They serve Puttu and Kadala Curry on Sunday mornings, other than Vellaiappam and Stew. I have to make it there for breakfast next Sunday morning.



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