The future…

Well, I literally stepped into my father’s shoes for the convocation ceremony which was held for the 7th graduating batch of IIM Indore on April 1st. That more than just literally also meant that I had finally reached a stage in life where I was to be more than just responsible for my own life.

I guess now I am in charge of most affairs back here at home, more so financially. Now that I am in a job at Accenture and shall be getting more than just a decent salary and shall be more at home, it is time for me to take over the financial reins from my parents and run a tight ship around here.

I guess I stepped into my father’s shoes, both literally and figuratively on Saturday. Wish me all the best guys and gals.



6 thoughts on “The future…

  1. dei jam all the best da. am always there to cheer u da.. and dun forget the next tie some big quiz happens at bloer give me a buzz.. chennai is jus 5 hrs away. shall hope over ti blore for the quizvenky

  2. @venkat,Thx da macha. Of course I ll give you a buzz anytime a quiz happens in B lore, provided you give me a buzz when something happens in Chennai.@rads,Yes, the same Accenture ;-)@rohit,Thx dude, I need the good wishes to keep me going and more importantly, to keep rocking 😉

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