Mini update

Continuing with the real hazards of having broadband at home, the whole of this week was an entirely different story. What with the link to the Tata Indicom Server being down from Tuesday till today evening, the only browsing I could get done was at the office, amidst thousands of doubts as to who was looking over my shoulder to see what I was doing.

Speaking about office, had a decent and quiet beginning to my career at Accenture. Am yet to be assigned a project, and still am finding my bearings at a totally new environment. More of consequence later as I m feeling too sleepy tonight.



One thought on “Mini update

  1. Good to see u back to blogggin machi. I haven’t yet applied to broadband, but 15 days is a tad toooo late to install it. Wonder how I’d pass time. Anyway, welcome to IT world… yeah, the fear of who’s watching what always lurks, but I’d say don’t really much of personal surfing. You just dont know who’s tracking what in the control room.Dei, enable anonymous comments da.!

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