Shortsightedness of the authorities

It’s quite amazing how the Karnataka State Govt. or more specifically the civic agencies of Bangalore never seem to learn from their past mistakes. Or maybe it is just a classic case of inertia in terms of how they react to events.

I m referring to the wet and sorry state of most of the roads in Bangalore after yesterday’s downpour. Although it was nothing like some of the thunderstorms that the city has experienced in the past few years, the quantity of rain was enough to ensure that most of the arterial roads in the city were flooded. This not only causes a helluva lot of inconvenience to the commuters but is also probably the primary cause of most of the water-borne diseases that the city is frequented by nowadays.

Every time it rains in the city, most of the roads lying under the innumerable flyovers in the city are flooded. The state of most of the low-lying areas are better left unsaid. I feel sorry for the people residing in these areas. They probably have become adept at the art of snorkeling (swimming in shallow water, for the uninitiated).

Why the Govt. and the authorities don’t build adequate storm water drains is a question which is beyond anybody’s comprehension. Why the water drainage facilities are so primitive and why they aren’t sufficient is something that the residents always wonder about. So who is going to provide the answers to these questions? The Govt? The authorities? I don’t know.

If this remains the sorry state of the infrastructure in the city, then how in heaven’s name are the new companies and new industries going to come here and set up shop. The Govt. needs to do some serious re-thinking on how they want to handle the infrastructure problems in the city, if they need to project an industry-friendly image.



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