Being Cyrus – Movie Review

Now, I dunno why the media bashed ‘Being Cyrus’ so much. Yes, it doesn’t quite follow the time-tested trend of being predictable where boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy runs around trees with girl, boy bashes up baddies, boy marries girl and lives happily ever after. And it is not quite as offbeat as having 6 short stories which are supposed to thrill you and scare you, all rolling into one horror movie whose title states that you are required to be scared.

No, Being Cyrus is one of those movies which keep you engaged. The screenplay is such that if you miss even one minute in the movie, you seem to have missed quite a bit. The story itself is not very new. Am not able to recall which movie but yes, I have seen a movie with a similar storyline. What stands out in this movie is the way the debutant director has dealt with the script. The riveting screenplay and the sheer sequence in which the events unfold themselves in this movie is good.

Saif has done his role picture-perfectly and Naseeruddin Shah shows us why he is still rated so highly in the industry. If you are looking for a movie which’ll make you forget your worries, make you smile and laugh, go watch ‘Pyare Mohan’ or ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’.

But, if you wanna see good film-making, go watch ‘Being Cyrus’. Word of caution though. If offbeat dark comedies are not your forte, then this is not the movie for you.



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