The reservations issue – my take

I guess it is about time I broke my stoic silence about this reservation issue and came up with a post about it.

In my view, and I have posted it on the comments section of Govar’s blog as well, the Government should subsidise and reserve a certain portion of seats in schools for the economically and otherwise backward communities, but only upto the primary school level, ie, from kindergarten upto standard 10. This would not only ensure that more such children get access to primary education, but these facilities would be made available to them at subsidised rates. However, once they complete their primary education, no reservations of any kind should be made for them.

This would achieve two objectives. Firstly, while they cannot complain of lack of access or lack of funds to educate their children, this move would also ensure that the students availing of these facilities do not get complacent. They would have to actually study and get the requisite marks in order for them to go ahead and study any further than Class 10. This way they would be put on par with the General Merit students when it comes to getting admitted into good colleges and continue with their education.

This move should also be followed up with a legislation which bans any corporate entity from reserving any portion of their workforces for these people. The primary reason being that since the deserving students will any way come through the ranks using merit as their only criterion for development, there exists no need for reservations of any kind.

From what I gather, the Government is using atrocities committed on these communities a few thousand years ago as the primary reason behind supporting these reservations. In my opinion, by reserving a prescribed number of seats in educational institutions and in companies, the wrong-doings of earlier generations cannot be undone. Instead what can and should be done in this regard is to provide free primary education and access to healthcare facilities to these people. This will not only enable them to become more self-reliant and self-sufficient but also pave the way for a better life for their future generations.



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