World Cup 2007 Champions – Not just yet

I’m not a person who likes saying this often, but I guess this occassion demands it, so here goes, “I told you so!!!”.

I’m referring to my earlier post on the recently concluded India-Windies ODI series. The Windies, quite (un)expectedly put the so called Indian Tigers in their place. Not to say that the Indians didn’t play well at all throughout the series, but nobody can question the fact that they didn’t quite get all their basics right all through the series. How else can one explain the much vaunted Dhoni’s failures in almost all the matches, the toothless opening bowling attack which was mauled by Gayle, the lacklustre fielding performances, and the absolutely nonsensical team selections.

Firstly talking about the top-order collapses which was the order of the day in all the matches. All the 17 odd successful chases that the Indian team has had in recent times have been jumpstarted by an explosive opening to the batting. Somehow this failed to click and materialise in this entire series. In fact, the Indians were struggling to get off the starter boards in this case. A classic case of over-exposure to cricket, or just plain old-fashioned overconfidience, I leave it to you to decide.

The bowling left a lot to be desired. The Windies managed to get off to at least a decent, if not explosive start to their batting, courtesy the Indian bowlers managing to get their basics all wrong. Agarkar, Patel, Sreesanth, all of them were found sorely lacking not just in experience, but also in spirit and attitude when compared to the Windies openers. This proved real costly to the Indians in this series.

The fielding and the team selection by Chappell and co. left a helluva lot to be desired. How does one explain the fact that Robin Uthappa was selected as an opener and found his way into the final 11 only in the inconsequential final match of the series. For this talented youngster’s sake, I hope he is not judged based on his miserable performance in the last match. This guy has potential and needs to be developed for the years to come.

All said and done, this Windies team rocked. Playing at home, I guess they just built on the sheer energy that was being generated by the home crowds, and man, did they whip India’s ass or what? To conclude, Bravo Dwayne Bravo!!! Couldn’t resist saying that after having watched this guy play yesterday and in the earlier matches.


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