Corporate racism in Europe

Now here’s something that we thought didn’t exist, or even if we knew existed, conveniently chose to ignore. I am talking about racism which exists in the corporate circles of Europe. Although I had been thinking about this angle to the Lakshmi Mittal attempts to acquire Arcelor, it was only when I read this article in today’s Economic Times that I thought I should blog about it and let you guys know about this.

Although we would like to believe that India and China are the next economic superpowers of the world and if one goes by the recent rhetoric that analysts all over the world are harping about, there’s absolutely no stopping these two Asian super-giants.

However, I guess the whole of corporate Europe, at least, and God knows how many more countries are more than willing to bring these two countries to their knees and relegate them to the earlier positions are mere colonies of the so-called civilized Western world.
All of us like to talk about individual racism against colored people, but most of us conveniently feign ignorance about something so prominent in business circles. It’s time that the Europeans stopped acting so hypocritically and if necessary, put it in writing that they do not want to encourage other (read colored) people from running big businesses in Europe.

In spite of the fact that Vijay Mallya runs the second largest liquor empire in the world, I really don’t see too many chances of him making any kind of impression in the European markets, the nose-in-the-air snobs that the Europeans are.



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